GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL Health & Family Welfare Department


এগিয়ে বাংলার মা ও শিশু

আটটি ক্রমে করলে তুমি ছটি বছর পার ,

এরপরে তে TD'র দুটি রইল বাকি আর |

প্রথম ডোজ টি পাবে যখন ১০ টি বছর হল ,

দ্বিতীয়টি নেবে তুমি যখন বয়স ১৬ |

Well being of mothers and children is the inspiring vision of this intervention

The scope of GIS supported RMNCH Monitoring Framework ‘MatriMa’ is broad. Ensuring the good health and well-being of newlywed couples, it attempts to make sure that the health and nutritional status of women are protected in the critical months of pregnancy and results in safe motherhood. MatriMa subsequently tracks the newborn babies for in-time immunization.

In brief, this intervention is designed to help protect lives and ensure good health of the most vulnerable population in the State while accelerating efforts to achieve targets specified in the global Sustainable Development Goals.

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